Open Letter to Nye County Commissioners

WHEREAS, Dennis Hof won the 2018 general election to represent Nevada State Assembly District 36, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Hof has passed away and someone will be appointed to fill his term, and

WHEREAS, the individual appointed must be a registered Republican who lives in District 36, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Hof received over 69 percent of the vote in Nye County, and

WHEREAS, Clark County, which is also a small part of District 36, already has 30 representatives serving in the State Assembly…

THEREFORE, we the undersigned urge the Nye County Commission to appoint someone to replace Mr. Hof who is both from Nye County and who supported Mr. Hof and generally shares his conservative beliefs.

To that end, we strongly oppose any effort to appoint former Assemblyman James Oscarson to fill this vacancy.

Almost 2/3 of District 36 Republican primary voters (63.51 percent) voted to oust Mr. Oscarson in the GOP primary last June, which was won by Mr. Hof.  Appointing Mr. Oscarson would not only be an insult to Mr. Hof’s memory, but a slap in the face to the voters who voted Mr. Oscarson out of office overwhelmingly.

Instead, we respectfully ask the members of the Nye County Commission to consider Mr. Joe Burdzinski to fill Mr. Hof’s term in office.  Here are seven reasons why we think he would be the ideal choice…

1.)  Mr. Burdzinski was a close friend and ally of Mr. Hof’s.

2.)  Mr. Burdzinski shares Mr. Hof’s beliefs in low taxation and limited government.

3.)  Mr. Burdzinski is a resident of Nye County.

4.)  Mr. Burdzinski is a reasonable, level-headed individual who will work well with both his legislative colleagues in Carson City and local officials at the county level.

5.)  Mr. Burdzinski has served honorably and effectively as Chairman of the Nye County Republican Party.

6.)  Mr. Burdzinski is supported for this appointment by the leaders of the Nevada Republican Party.

7.)  Mr. Burdzinski is also supported by Mr. Hof’s official campaign management team.

For these reasons and more, we the undersigned urge members of the Nye County Commission to choose Mr. Joe Burdzinski to fill the Assembly District 36 vacancy…

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